4 Factions 编辑

There are four opposing factions:
  1. The Blue Dragon (Good)
  2. The Black Rose (Bad)
  3. Neutral
  4. The Cult (Also Bad)

The Blue Dragon Faction 编辑


This faction covers the majority of the game -- the game's storyline is based on finding and executing the traitors accused of treason: Generally, ~60% of the players will be Blue Dragon. Every Blue Dragon faction member is anonymous and has no clue who is ally and foe. This makes blaming others difficult until you can deduct who is who.

Blue Dragon classes cannot talk at night, with some exceptions.


The following classes can be found within the Blue Dragon - an asterisk* marks a class found in every game:

The Mastermind-card
  1. The Court Wizard
  2. The Butler
  3. The Observer
  4. The Noble
  5. The Paladin
  6. The King* (Random)
  7. The Knight
  8. The Noble
  9. The Observer
  10. The Paladin (Only when Cult is in-game)
  11. The Physician
  12. The Priest
  13. The Assassin-card
    The Prince*
  14. The Princess
  15. The Psychic
  16. The Sheriff*

The Black Rose Faction 编辑

The antagonists of the game - The Black rose is few, but powerful: The Black Rose faction only starts with 2 members, but The Mastermind can convert certain other classes to join the Black Rose -- Not just join, but even change their abilities to more suit the Black Rose!
Black Rose faction members also know who other Black Rose members are - this creates a distinct balance to make up for being low in number.

The following classes can be found within the Black Rose - an asterisk* marks a class found in every game:

  1. The Assassin*
  2. The Illusionist (Converted)
  3. The King* (Random)
  4. The Mastermind*
  5. The Nightwatch (Converted)
  6. The Sage (Converted)
  7. The Sellsword (Converted)
  8. The Servant (Converted)
  9. The Soulcatcher (Converted)
  10. The Traitor Noble (Converted)
  11. The Traitor Princess (Converted)
  12. The Enforcer (Converted)
  13. The Herbalist (Converted)

The Neutral Faction 编辑

Neutral faction members technically don't belong to a faction - they neither follow the Blue Dragon or
File:The Possessor-card.jpg
File:The Fool.jpg

the Black Rose and are too smart to join the Cult. Neutral faction members are generally selfish, with the goal to often simply survive. This means that Neutral members can unofficially choose a side and switch anytime since they win when another faction wins, with a few exceptions. 

Neutral classes cannot talk at night.

The following classes can be found within the Neutral - an asterisk* marks a class found in every game:

  1. The Alchemist
  2. The Fool
  3. The King* (Random)
  4. The Mercenary
  5. The Possessor*
  6. The Reaper

The Cult Faction 编辑

The Cult are the other antagonists, they will appear when the Black Rose do not

File:The Cult Leader-card.jpg

When they appear, The Paladin can always initially be found to hunt them down. The Cult, similar to The Black Rose, starts small in number and knows who other Cult faction members are.

Cult members, similar to Black Rose, can talk with other Cult members at night.

The Cult Leader can recruit others to become a Cult Member to later send them to their death on a kamikaze mission for The Blood God, Mithras (as seen behind The Cult Leader's portrait).